Final Project – week 3

I have decided to shift my project in multiple ways. First and foremost, my thesis no longer stands at ‘Understanding the rigid parameters of socially accepted performances of sex, gender, and sexuality, this project will attempt to demonstrate how individuals define and find themselves within these borders, sometimes breaking through them to do so.’ I’ve changed it too, ‘Identification is self-determined. To say that one must pick a side in what is the “correct” way to identify is to delegitimize many.” Because I have shifted my thesis, I have also shifted the sources I will be using to help me guide my paper. 

In addition, I have decided to drop two of the prompts I had for my visuals – ‘Their story’ and ‘Their experience with unconditional love.’ So now my visuals will now just revolve around the definitions of several key terms: identity, sexuality, sex, and gender. Each person’s response to this prompt will dictate what their photograph will look like. Likewise, I have started sending out the questions to the people I have selected to be apart of my project. Hoping to here back from them soon. Most importantly, I have came up with a way to showcase my final piece. I will be wheat pasting around the city. I am still in the process of location scouting.


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