Studio: Bridge Project #2: Peer to Peer

Students will work in pairs. Each student will pick one of their partner’s alien/creature/monster drawings. Then, the student will create a collection of five objects that signal that creature’s move from planet “Home” to New York City. What might the creature bring with them to remind them of their planet? What may the create need to survive in New York City?



  • fullsizerender-1 img_0004 images 120838-200x300-snoringearplugs img_5367 14234377camel-caravan-carrying-salt-from-the-mines-in-dallol-danakil-depression-cr5t83 9-camels moisturizer pick-best-moisturizer


img_0022 img_0021-1

  • Air dry clay
  • Red Paint
  • Black Sharpie


fullsizerender img_0010 img_0012 img_0013 img_0016



Time project

project description: Capture moments of things you do throughout your day.

I chose to capture the act of stretching, first I drew some figures to get an idea of what kind of positions I wanted to do. Then I took pictures in these positions and edited them with the same filter to give a sense that it was all in the same day. I mounted them on different color paper to show my day moving on from in the beginning where my back feels fine to the end of the day where my back is stiff and tired. Finally for the ‘cut up’ technique I cut each picture into long strips and arranged them so every other one was from the same picture. Each picture frame was at different lengths because I wanted to mimic the wood flooring in the background.





Bridge Project #1: Memoir

  • Draw 30 iterations of an alien/monster/creature from planet “Home.” Use the memories and experiences you generated in the X-page Exercised and the Drawing Jam Exercises to imagine the qualities of this planet. Those qualities will inform the aliens/monsters/creatures you create that would inhabit that world.
  • img_3224
  • img_3237
  • Materials Used: 6″x6″, ruler, paper, Pencil, Sharpies, Colored Pencils
  • img_3227 img_3228 img_3229 img_3230 img_3231 img_3232 img_3233 img_3234 img_3235 img_3236