Social Justice Hub Prototype

I created a prototype of a monitor that played slides of what is going on in the hub, what social justice events the school is holding, and potentially other things like quotes from those who the hub is named after (James Baldwin, Sylvia Rivera, and Grace Lee Boggs. The intended audience would be anyone who is in the hub whether they know the details of the hub or not, and students walking by. Students who are in the hub are usually working on projects or socializing and the monitor will be something that plays non stop so even if you catch a glimpse of it then it’s doing it’s job.
For a test run I would have to either rent out a monitor or use one that’s there to play the slide-show. Anyone walking by or looking around will be able to see and read what the monitor has on.  Although it’s hard to see if people actually get use out of this system so I thought about the idea of some sort of feedback system to tell us whether they enjoy the monitor or whether it’s useless.

2 thoughts on “Social Justice Hub Prototype

  1. This is simple yet effective. A screen projecting upcoming events can attract a lot of people if placed properly. It would be nice if you added some social justice ‘fun facts’ too. Is there a TV/projector in the SJH? If not, is there money in the budget for the device?
    Overall, it seems like you have a solid plan.

  2. Your prototype represents its self well through a digital medium.

    In terms of design justice principles, it could be helpful to be aware of “We prioritize a design’s impact on a community over the intentions of the designer.” It may be a good idea to contact groups within the hub while creating the project to receive feedback throughout the process in addition to at the end. In addition, I think you fulfill “We are not just creating new solutions — we are looking for ways to adapt what is already working in other contexts as well as reviving ancient approaches that have been erased by colonialism and capitalism.” This is due to the fact that the project works to focalize existing resources within the hub.

    What I would like to know more about are your next step you plan to take in order to perform a test run. Who might you need to contact? What information will you prioritize and how will you make those decisions?

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