Studio 2 Homework 4/6

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My research topic is Gender Roles in the use of contraception and my research question is how gender roles are a factor to whether or not heterosexuals wear condoms or not. While doing my research I found that women are more likely to get HIV from unprotected sex over used injection needles. Also, women under 25 are the most likely to get any STD from unprotected sex. This research appalled me and when I furthered my research I found that gender roles play a huge part on whether or not condoms are worn during sex. Women often feel like it is more of an act of persuasion to get their male sexual partner to wear a condom rather than a shared request. Some men feel that the ‘risk’ factor feeds to their masculinity and some females also feel ashamed or embarrassed if they ask the male to use a condom and they say no. I wanted to change this feeling of shame by created a system in Studio class.

My system in studio is intended for all women who are having heterosexual relations especially those who feel powerless on the topic of condom use. Condoms are primarily known to be for male use, yes female condoms exist but the system isn’t as popular as the male condoms. What I have noticed is male condoms are strictly marketed towards males. The most well known example is Trojan, where you have a picture of a trojan warrior and countless battling commercials that almost scream masculinity. I want to have part of a condom company rebranded so that it is marketed towards women.┬áIm and still taking the original system of the condom but redesigning the box to make women feel empowered to not only buy them but to not feel intimidated to ask to use one.

I hope that this system can break the thought that men should be in charge of whether or not they wear a condom. I hope that this system empowers women to speak up even for what they believe in and for their own health.

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