Studio: SJH Reflection

My final Social Justice Hub assignment I created a monitor system to show upcoming events, club meetings, and so on. The first thing I would do differently is my research. I would have asked the clubs that are held in the Hub what they thought about the idea of the monitor and what it should project. Their feedback should of been a priority for how I designed the monitor because they are what make up the Hub’s identity.

I would also design the monitor differently. My design looked low quality and should of been up to the standards of the other monitors around the UC. I feel like the writing was too small for the screen it would have been put on and I should have figured out a way to make everything more clear where you could read it from a far distance. Also, my idea was that the monitor would be on a continuous loop on the screen but my prototype was just one cycle instead of being continuous. I didn’t know how to loop it on my Movie program but I should have figured out a way through another app.

My documentation could have been better in the sense that I should have got more people to view it rather than just 10. All the feedback I got was good so I felt like I didn’t need a ton of people to review it. I think I also should have had the clubs that are held in the Hub review it as well. However, I think recorded the engagement process was well because I made it so there was no bias opinion by conducting an anonymous survey for random people in the Hub. The engagement was designed for my intended audience (students who use the hub) and the survey let me know their feelings of the system since I couldn’t fully get their opinion by just observing.

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