Studio April 21st Homework


  • In seminar my research question is how gender roles affect contraceptive use. I came across the information about how young adults the leading group to get STDs, and a huge part of this is due to gender roles and how it’s more of an act of persuasion for women to ask their sexual partner to use a condom.
  • This system in studio class is going to be intervening in the major condom brand Trojan by introducing Trojan Discreet.
  • Trojan Discreet is going to be sold like regular trojan condoms however the packaging of the actual condoms will be different. The condoms will come in a small cylinder tin unlike the usually plastic tight wrapped condoms. The condom containers don’t resemble the regular condom packaging and if anything they resemble something you would carry in your purse like mints of some sort. This aspect of it was made specifically for women to feel empowered to carry these in their purse or on them wherever so that when the time comes, they feel empowered to use Trojan Discreet.
  • Part of Trojan Discreet, I plan on making poster advertisements that not only promote the new condoms but to also inform it’s viewers.
  • The purpose of this system is to challenge the gender roles of who should be carrying condoms in relationships. My goal is too impact women who when the time comes are hesitant and self conscious to ask their partner to wear a condom. Many people believe that it should be the man’s responsibility to wear a condom because it is going on him, however, this role should be shared and shouldn’t be the males choice whether or not he wears one. Condoms that are marketed towards women will help empower them to feel like it’s their responsibility and their choice as well.
  • This system relates to my research question because Trojan Discreet challenges the exact gender roles I’m researching. My research findings indicate that a huge reason for women not asking men to wear condoms is because it is more of an act of persuasion rather than a shared responsibility. My system challenges this problem.

3) Create a strategy to engage your intended audience with the prototype in meaningful ways.

  • My audience is women ages ranging from 15-24
  • I am unsure how big a meaningful sample size would be.
  • I would probably reach my sample size in schools because that’s a good place to find women ages 15-24.
  • The most successful way a person would be able to engage with my prototype would be to carry the condoms on them and/or use them. Realistically if I wanted feedback from my audience I would probably create a survey asking the intended audience how they would feel purchasing, carrying, and using the prototype and also how the advertisements affected them.
  • A survey would be ideal and it would probably be after the prototype is made.

Made Prototype:


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