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Night Light update!

Night Light update!

Night light idea has moved far from the realms of constellations and needle-holes, and is now going deeper… by making a two-way mirror and soldering some LEDs inside a container, I am going to make an infinity light, inspired by this video:

Some new supplies entered the scene– box with mylar for reflection/transparency, a small mirror with wires and lighting attached, a strange plaster form that was initially made to house the light but will most likely be used for another project at this point. I’m excited for this project not only because I had to learn a handful of new skills for it (arduino, soldering, wiring a breadboard) but also because the final result is portable and interesting.
Still on the to- do:
Finish installing LED lights, wire small breadboard, see functionality of mirror
(aka, finish installing and test it out)
if it works: yay. Do some animation on the code/ fine tune/ make it look pretty
if it doesn’t: cut out mirror and install in place, see if that works. Worst case scenario the plan falls flat and then you run to the sandblaster and make a plate to put in front of the box.

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