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Peripheral Device Research Project: Microchip

Together, Asia & I worked on making a circuit that would record, playback and loop short sounds through an audiojack input and a speaker output. Although we had many trials and errors, the true fault was in the lack of current running through the breadboard, which was split into four quadrants.We really appreciated the step-by-step instructions provided by Marije Baalman, a Norweigiena sound artists who has used the chip, on her website: http://www.nescivi.nl/?page_id=99

Overall the key instructions would be:
1.determine what you will be using for input/output. Do you want to record through a microphone? a song player? etc.

1.5build the circuit,

2.check that all the currents are flowing by using either a oscilloscope or an led for de-bugging issues

3.Press and hold record and enjoy the music!

Downloadable videos below:



or if you prefer a link:

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