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Lab: Iterative Project: Mug Music


Resistors: 10k, 1M, 3,3k

Capacitors: 100pf, 10nf

Diode: 1N4148

Coil / inductor: 10mH

Iteration: Rechargable battery+ pack

Mug Music involves turning a cup into a musical instrument. I’m attracted to this project for this stage because it involves constructing an enclosure, and also can be iterated on by installing new sounds and songs. I may want to 3D print this enclosure in ceramic (or something else), which means more prototyping and iterative steps. Depending on the size of the circuit and my ability to condense it into the smallest and most portable shape, the mug may turn into a thermos.
The mug also responds to a music library called Chuck, something new to learn, leaving the user’s interaction with the music files open for swapping, altering, and iterating further.

Some old mug designs I’ve worked with:
Sketch of enclosure, with animism as a bird:
Updates on the way!

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