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Perspective Landscape: Rainbow Eat/East River

//Rainbow Donut in the East River
this moving image depicts the East River, represented by horizontal blue lines, audio of waves crashing, and randomly appearing darker shades of rectangles. At the center of the East River floats a rainbow donut, approching Manhattan from its Brooklyn origins. The spiral represents the donut’s decent into the depths of the River, and the dolphins provide a hopeful imagery that the donut may be of use to someone, somewhere.

1.Graphics primitives movement > spiraling circles, lines running
2.geometry changes > Growing orange orb,
3.color, applied various hues of blue, bliding sun neons.
4.serial port usage // debugging
5.gradients/// color change
6. sound! waves play to relax the viewer gazing lazily at the spiral
7. collision>> spiral hits boundaries of window, circle hits boundaries and recedes
8. text >> east river signage appears when mouse clicked.

Eat River Rainbow Donut

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