Drawing and Imaging Pos.&Neg. Collage

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Here is the full set up of the process of my positive negative collage. It began with sketchbook drawings and thumbnails then evolved into a 3-dimensional collage. In between the process I made a couple positive negative outlines in Illustrator. Also, there’s a marker drawing with different line thicknesses incorporated with my four objects and MET inspiration. After finalizing the Illustrator print I turned it into a black and white collage. Using pieces of textured paper and other pieces I placed them over the abstract print. In short there were a few things I would change about the Illustrator work but otherwise I think it was successful.

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This is one of the main sketchbook thumbnails and it is a positive negative sketch. It starts very simple and later turns into more overlapping of the objects. Also, I integrate the use of the piece I chose from the MET.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 5.57.00 PM

Using my chosen objects and the victorian room from the MET, I created an outline of the objects with black marker. With different line thicknesses it adds a sense of direction and where the eyes are meant to be attracted to.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 5.57.05 PM

One of my sketches next to my positive negative collages. I actually liked the way it turned out with the black background with the white objects, some overlapping each other. It adds a randomized placement affect. My idea was the small hand held objects floating around the room, in this case the victorian room I based it off of from the MET.


Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 5.57.14 PM

I wanted there to be a darker side contrasted with a brighter side. I also cute out pieces from the collage and place silver aluminum paper behind it. I also used newspaper to go behind an are I cut out. One of my favorite parts of my final collage was adding a piece of a film roll over my outlined version of it.

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