Drawing/Imaging Final

The idea sparked for me to make a fashion ad when I saw the templates of people wearing shoes and appealing to fashion advertisements. I got the idea and appeal to make an Adidas advertisement since I wear a lot of Adidas clothing. I then photographed three of my friends wearing some of my Adidas clothing.


Starting off with some blank photographs I took on film, I had some ideas to add illustrator and then further edits to them. Web  Adidas Project2Adidas ad3

Using Illustrator I drew over some of the photograph, outlining facial traits and parts of the clothing.

I added text on some of them to add a quality of advertisement for a fashion photography spread.

Moving forward I painted a new background for two of them to give it an original quality.

Scan 3Adidas Project2

Finalizing some of the images I also messed around with color and placement of text. Then I came up with these three finalized additions to the look of the magazine spread of Adidas Originals Advertisement.

Web Adidas ad3 Adidas Project2

I am satisfied with the outcome I came up with and would like to do a project similar to this in the future. I think it combined my previous knowledge with new knowledge I learned from this class.


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