Assignment 1

Which image/s was the most challenging to edit and why?

The two images of the birds sitting on the power line and bush. It’s hard to edit and create successful image out of a dark and underexposed image. I think seeing shadows and outlined objects, like birds, in black and white can help make it more compelling in a final edit which is why I chose one of the bird photographs to be converted to greyscale.

The first two images are during the editing process and final of that image. It’s tricky with cloudy images to get whites as white as they can be and darks to blend well without losing sections of an image. The in process photograph is in color and you can tell that the exposures don’t provide enough contrast so I fixed this by changing the brightness and contrast in greyscale.

What questions came up when editing these images?

While editing these photographs it made me think about how this style of photography was where I was at in the beginning of high school but it began to move away from scenes like these as I became uninterested in them so it makes me wonder what drives still life photographers?

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