Final Project

  1. Negative Preserver ||
  2. Rationale – The purpose of this book/zine is to portray the refreshing feeling of spring time and the light, people, and time that is encapsulated in my memories during this time.
  3. Summary – The Negative Preserver is the second book in this series of black and white photographs with color splash and inverted affects throughout the story of images. It includes double page spreads, and photographs with empty space next to them to make you pause in between the black and white moments to take more time to try and focus on the color images. That can be something hard to put forward when there is a momentary lapse in reality.
  4. Audience – The intended audience for this photography book would be almost any age but specifically youth culture interested in photography, portraiture, fashion, and art.
  1. Competitive – There aren’t many reasons not to want to sort through a book of photographs but I think this book has the potential of a specific lens. These are intimate moments that have been captured on film and it’s alright if no one looks through it but if they do I hope it can evoke an emotion you want to hold onto.
  1. Artist Statement- This series of photographs encapsulates time during spring when things tend to be more colorful and the time you experience becomes a little more relative to the space.
  1. Austen Renzi is an aspiring film photographer that is currently finishing his second year at Parsons The New School For Design. He’s young and is attentive to the people and environments that surround him even though it might be overwhelming at times, that’s the most important reason to capture them. His work is shot both in color and in black and white but attentively crafts them fluidly. There’s something about black and white that relates to memory and is fascinating enough to be incorporated heavily within with a small mixture of light colorful tones.


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