Response To Class’s Photographer’s Work

The most interesting photographer’s work that I found to be something similar to what my presentation also was interested in was Justine Kierland. She travelled across the United States to make her photographic work and ended up having a child which made it hard for her photographic process to continue. She still put herself out there even though she found it hard at first. Something I found impactful and somewhat sarcastic which gives her work more character is she said that “Jeff Wall doesn’t have to make a PB & J sandwiches on set. I’m attracted to the intimacy between her ability to become a nomad and create intimate photographs following from scene to scene even later on once she has a child and the child even becomes her muse, for obvious reasons.

The least pleasing photographer’s work was probably Kristy Mitchell even though the story behind her work is very meaningful. I am just not attracted to the work, maybe because it’s more digital than what I’m interested in. Her work divulges into stories from her own childhood and pre existing stories. Since her mother had passed away it pushed her work to create large scale presentational photographs. One series is called, Wonderland, with some work known as ‘Farewell Tree’ and ‘Afternoon Delights’ that I think have a lot of concrete set design and pre established storytelling however the work still just didn’t get me to go where she intended.

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