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What is a book?

What is a book?

Here is a link to the online archive of work related to the exhibition Odd Volumes at the Yale University…
Week 3

Week 3

Monday 2/8 DUE Project: Time Archive Book - part 1 sketchbook Canvas: Scott McCloud - Time Frames Discussion IN CLASS…

For we, born with a full complement of senses, and correlating these, one with the other, create a sight world from the start, a world of visual objects and concepts and meanings. When we open our eyes each morning, it is upon a world we have spent a lifetime learning to see. We are not given the world: we make our world through incessant experience categorization, memory, reconnection.

Oliver Sacks
From “To See and Not See”

– Oliver Sacks – On Visual Perception


Monday 2/1 DUE - Time Archive - Part 1 - photographs IN CLASS ACTIVITY - Demo: InDesign - Create an…

Stas Orlowski – Chimera

Charcoal, ink, xerox transfer, collage and projected animation on wall. Sound by Steve Roden. Post-Production Beau Leduc. “Stas Orlovski: Chimera”…

Adam Magyar –

In a growing body of photographic and video art done over the past decade, Magyar bends conventional representations of time…
Klaus Lutz

Klaus Lutz

Klaus Lutz was an artist and filmmaker who created an extraordinary body of work, which is characterized by a unique…
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