Album Art


A NYC Jazz musician commissioned me to create his album artwork.  The guidelines were: minimal color, Peter walking away, a grandfather clock, and old-timey text.  I created this using Photoshop.

Ypsilanti Zine: A tribute to my hometown


Ah. My hometown of Ypsilanti, Michigan.  No one knows where it’s located, so I have to say that I’m from Detroit or Ann Arbor.  Being on the east coast also makes me aware of my Midwestern Peculiarities.  For example: Michiganders can use their hand as a map.  People look at me like I’m crazy when I point at my palm  and say “I’m from here!”

Ypsilanti is home to many ridiculous things: The Elvis festival, the Rubber Ducky race, goat lawnmowers, and a very VERY phallic water tower.  I think it has a world record.  Also, I’m very proud of the shading on the penis.

Something Weird: Experiments with Group Footage, AfterEffects, and Sound Layering


After Screening the video in class, my Animation teacher offered the “paper plate award” for most artsy/abstract animation.

Animations in this video were made during our all-class animation day. The bubble gum Sequence is by Chi Chi Chen, and the Frog and Spinning Lions head were made by Selin Karahan.

I used Photoshop and AfterEffects to animate.

I used various effects in AfterEffects: Griddler, Ripples, Scale, Opacity, and Warp.

The music and audio were edited using Premiere Pro

Guitar and voice is by me, while the effects noodling is done by Ben Rolston.

I am reading an excerpt from “Dancing with Cats” by Burton Silver & Heather Busch

Something Weird from FrancesAlbatross on Vimeo.

For the Love of Toast

“For the  Love of Toast” 

I feel like the Badger from the book “Bread and Jam for Frances.”  I love toast an obscene amount, and I often make up songs to sing while eating it. Coincidence?  I think not.

Badger Frances + Jam

Human Frances + Jam










This final animation will be my Ode to toast.

The Plot Proposal: “For the  Love of Toast”

Intro: Person is in their kitchen, putting bread into the toaster.  The suspense builds as they wait for the toast to be done.  IT is taking a long time.  This scene is created using hand drawn 2D animation or rotoscoping.

Development: In a delirious desperation, the person starts to see toast and toasters everywhere.  The fridge is a toaster, the door is a toaster—even the house is a toaster!  (insert hallucinogenic Phenakistiscope sequence).

Turn: The persons is sucked inside of the toaster, being toasted (perhaps this could be a claymation sequence?).

Conclusion: The persons pops out of the toaster. The toast eats the person. The person is crispy.

The end.

My objectives for this project:

  1. Become better acquainted with Aftereffects
  2. Create a scene that uses:
    1. a Phenakistoscope animation OR
    2. some sort of claymation
  3. Practice with morphing scenes together
  4. implement creative transitions from one scene to the next

I am excited for toast.




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