Self portraits & Identity, Manci

This is how I prefer to wear when going outdoor to have fun. I hate carrying heavy things, which gives me a sense of burden, so keeping it as light and casual as possible makes me feel at ease.

This is a reflection of how my friends see me, very complex. They see fortitude and determination in me, from the way I handle work, the way I walk, the straight forward way I talk in, to my appearance: locked brows, my angular chin, and my serious (sometimes even seems to be angry, they said) expression when I was thinking or focusing. But they also see blandness and indecision (and stupidity) in me when I take care of friends, making various decisions, get shy or respond to funny things.

This is the way I see myself. Hard to describe. I am super emotional, I laugh very loudly and joke with my friends for 24 hours in a day. I only reveal my humor in front of intimate friends and I enjoy killing time in nature with them.


Rachel Lee’s Artist Breakfast

Wednesday 10:32 am: A slice of toast with a spread of smooth peanut butter, 2 slices of crispy bacon, scrambled eggs with sausage and vegetables, a dollop of ketchup

I usually don’t eat breakfast but, I decided to try making my own breakfast that morning.

Thursday 12:30 pm: A rose water waffle from Jack’s Wife Freda

My friend, Dami, decided to go for brunch.

artist breakfast 02-15 & 16, Brooklyn, Brooklyn & Tampa

My breakfast yesterday morning (02/15/19 @ 9:14am) in Brooklyn, NY with Alex:
Toasted whole wheat sandwich thins with natural peanut butter, orange slices and cuban coffee with almond milk.

My younger sister’s breakfast this morning (02/16/19 @ 9:34am) in Tampa, Florida:
Scrambled eggs with spinach and watermelon.

As a back-up (in case my sister forgot), I asked my friend Karen to share her breakfast with me.
(Karen and I went to graduate school together back in the late 1980’s)
Karen’s breakfast this morning (02/16/19 @ 10:09am) in Brooklyn, NY:
Gluten free oatmeal with blueberries and almond slivers and a glass of water.

Florence’s Artist Breakfast

Location: Beijing China

Time: February 12th

Person: Ian Timpone

My ex who had this chocolate lava cake and coffee ice cream with a cup of mocha in a fancy cafe.



Location: Newport, NJ

Time: February 11th

Person: Me

I ordered this açaí bowl via Ubereats since I was sick and it was snowing outside. This açaí bowl had chocolate protein in it and was topped with bananas, granolas, honey and peanut butter.

Sol’s Breakfast

Breakfast is usually a foreign term to me, as I rarely eat breakfast. I have chronic insomnia and have trouble staying asleep, so I usually wake up during lunchtime or brunch to catch up on missed sleep.

I love eating with people! I This was my breakfast from Saturday: avocado toast with feta, a poached egg, and beet puree. I ate with my friend Abigail at Citizens of Chelsea. (Manhattan, NY at 1:29 PM).

My mom is also an avid brunch fan and doesn’t eat breakfast regularly. I’m not quite sure who she got food with, but she ordered a vegan burger (bean patty) with caramelized onions and truffle aioli. (Irvine, CA at 3:20 PM).