Space/materiality Final Project







For the final project we were assigned to build a life-size monster. I chose the left forearm.

I started off by brainstorming ideas for my body part. I thought of making the forearm half realistic and half robotic. The top half of the forearm is going to be realistic so I’m ¬†using plaster for it. The bottom half is going to be robotic and I’m using wire.

The first thing I did is making a drawing for my body part showing where i’m going with it.



Since I’m making the top half of plaster, my teacher advised me to use alginate to make the mother mood. My teacher also helped me using it since I’ve never used it before, and I’m making a mold of my own forearm.



I waited fir the alginate to dry to get the mother mold ready. My teacher topped it with bamboo sticks and plaster strips to make it more steady.



When the alginate was fully dried we took it off my fore arm and poored plaster inside it to get the shape of my arm. The plaster took almost an hour to dry.


When the plaster was fully dried I removed the alginate and got this result. It was pretty awesome! The alginate caught every single detail of my forearm and hand.


I chopped off the hand and carved in the arm to creat depth and do the other side of the arm. First thing I did with the other side is creating an elbow using armature wire.


I attached this armature wire to the arm from the other side after carving it, painted the inner section of the forearm in acrylic silver metalic color. Then I started attaching small wire to give it shape and strength to show the monster’s power and the robotic feeling.


I painted it in human skin color from the other side to give it the realistic feeling.




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