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This project was the most fun/challenging one. We had to make half digital drawing half hand drawing. It had to be commentary and had to look like one drawing where there’s no difference between the digital and the hand drawing.

I decided to do a picture of my city, Riyadh. Riyadh is mostly desserts and modern buildings, nothing in between. We don’t have a beach, river, jungles, woods, non of these. So I decided to make a drawing of it with a twist of adding a beach side that looks kind of like Lagoona beache’s seaside.

I showed my teacher the drawing and told me I should go a bit crazier, so I thought of adding octopus tentickles that shows an octopus attack on a city of dessert.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 10.32.33 PM


After making a digital drawing of the seaside I printed it on an 11×17 sized paper, and continued drawing with my hands using black markers. It was the most challenging part since I have a lot of lines and details, and it has to look like a digital drawing. I was kind of scared to start, but once I started I just let it flow and it was actually fun.




This is a picture of the work in process after starting with the hand drawing. I added details to the larger buildings since it was easier, then I took a break to put myself up together again to start with the very small detail – windows, doors, trees, etc.. The small details where making mee anxious, because any mistake will ruin the whole thing and I would have to start over, when I already finished most of it. However, it worked and I finished from the drawing before ruining it or making major mistakes, which was a big relief.


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