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I chose to make a research about the september 11 attack in the world trade center. Therefore, I had to gather information about it to do my podcast project, which is the final project in the integrative studio class. The first thing I did was writing up some questions to interview people in the world trade center.


The place looked beautiful. The U.S government did a good jod commemorizing this event. I observed a bit in this marvelous plase then started looking for interviews. People who worked there weren’t that helpful. Most of the people who work there like the security guards, people who worked inside the museum, and the information guides weren’t allowed to answer questions and get recorded. But I didn’t stop asking, until I found one of the securities who felt really comfortable talking about it, and he agreed to get recorded. This security guard is in his mid 30′s, he has worked in front of the fountains for 7 years, so he saw a lot. I started asking him questions, he was helpful and I was actually really happy to get one interview, but he didn’t know much about the bullildings’ history, all he talked about was the poeople who come visit, which was what I wanted.

The other interview was with a woman who’s 30 years old. She’s a Noreigan girl who graduated from the UK. She’s interested in history and politics, she reads a lot about them, and the 9/11 attack was one of the things that interested her the most because it’s still kind of mysterious. I actually got a lot of helpful information from her. Some facts about the workd trade center, how remarkable it was to for New Yorkers, and her own opinion in the memorial and museum.

The reason why I chose to talk about this event and place specifically is because i’m a middle-eastern, and we are the most offended by this, and we felt the change that happened in the world, like the security in the airports and racism in the western countries specially the bearded muslim men and wome who cover up their hair with the hijab.

Later when I started editing the interviews and music I got, I went through some difficult times, but to be honest, I really really enjoyed it. The difficulties I went through were the placement of some interviews. I didn’t know where to place somenof the interviews, either in the beginning or ending or middle, they were some difficult choices. I started by music and people from the news telling the news of the world trade center bombing for the first time. It’s followed by music, then Tia starts sayig what she knows about the world trade center and her own opinion of the place and event. Then I put the interview of the security guard who said why he sees everyday from visitors and tourists, and some threatening questions that comes from them. For the ending, Tia talka about her own opinion of the tourists, visitors and people who work there. the tracj closes up by few seconds of music. This is the idea I had for my podcast, I think I did mostly what was in my mind. However, I will still work on it, maybe change the music, replace some interviews with others, and so on, until the due date.

I worked on my feature added what my teacher suggested and played a bit with the editing. I’ve had a lot of trouble saving the file. The first time I saved only half of it because I selected only half of it without me realizing that. I had problems going back to the studio room since a lot of students book it to work on their finals. However, it worked and my feature turned out to be a success and saving it last minute got me anxious but it felt great when I saving it succeed. At the end this is how my feature turned out to be.


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