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This picture was taken in the Upper East Side, in Lexingtion Avenue at the time of sunset. The picture shows the busy life of the Upper-East-Siders at the end of the day, but most importantly, it shows the variety of the building’s designs where there are modern buildings and old-fashioned ones in the same place, and attached to each other. This variety of style and design shows the variety of people living the Upper East, is one of the most sophisticated neighborhoods in the city of New York. On the left side is a tall building, all covered in glass which shows modernity and sophistication. On the opposite side, there is typical old-fashioned, New York apartment which shows that the old buildings are still there. This design of buildings –small, kind of crooked, and with numbers of floors that can be counted on one hand- gives the city of New York its unique look. Of course, this neighborhood was designed to serve specifically the higher class of society in the city, but it’s always welcoming all the other classes by designing buildings or areas that goes with them. It is interesting how two completely opposite designs and perspectives meet at the same place, and still manage to make it look as beautiful.
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I found this tree on my way back home. Coming from a hot, dry country where it doesn’t snow, I was actually fascinated by the way it looked because I’ve never visited any country in the snowing season, which means that it’s my first time seeing this in real life. I’ve always seen it in the movies and made the place look magical and beautiful, but I didn’t know it was going to be like this in real life. Despite of the dirty streets and polluted atmosphere New York has, the frozen ice in the tree looked just as magical as it is in the movies. When I saw it I took the picture just for me, but then I thought I’d share it in my weekly picture blog because it’s one thing I could really talk about. What amazed me in the tree is that I pass by it every single day, and it always looked normal just like the other trees. In the current time, it looked kind of ugly since it’s winter and it doesn’t have leaves. When it grabbed my attention, it made me think of how adding little details to anything can make it look marvelous. This tree looked old and dead, but with the frozen ice, it just looked like a tree from wonderland. Like anything else in art, design, and fashion; plain objects can look spontaneous with only little bit of details, accessorize, etc. It also made me think how nature and everything else around us can be an inspiration, or a lesson.


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As I was exploring the Upper East Side I found this plant that is covered with clean white snow. The plant itself is green and beautiful, a plant always adds up to the place. It gives it a feeling of a more alive place, more colorful, and relaxing. In this case the plant was places outside of a building, which makes it look more sophisticated and it shows that this a well-taken-care-of place. And I wasn’t wrong about that because it is located in the 74th street where there is many luxurious buildings. In this time of the year, when it’s freezing and everything turns white, New York’s snow always turn grey which makes it lose its beauty, but this plant was covered by all-white, pure, and clean snow. It made it look more attractive that it caught my attention between all the plants in the Upper East Side, where most of the snow is grey, has things thrown over it, or has dog dirt on it. It is amazing how a natural cause – the snow – makes the beautiful nature look even more beautiful, and changes the way it looks completely. What’s even more amazing is that it goes back to green when the spring season comes along. It’s somehow like fashion, its appearance changes every season according to the weather.


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This week’s blog pictures are from the east side of Central Park. I thought it was interesting to visit Central Park since I’m living close to it yet I don’t visit it this often, and my family and friends advised me to go at this time where it’s all white from the snow. As I was observing through the park, I figured that this place is so inspiring; the clearness of the snow, the leafless trees, people playing around with the snow and building snowmen, and the pretty buildings that surrounds the park from all sides. I’ve always thought that nature is inspiring, and that the more you walk around you will find more and more inspirations from everything that surround you. It is true! The more I walked around the more I found meaning for the meaningless shapes there, like the tree branches – it kind of looks like veins, and the randomness of it would make a very pretty pattern. It also made me think of ways to play with the thickness of the lines while creating a pattern, making a design, or even making a drawing. This simple thing would actually make a big difference in any design or artwork, and this idea all came from a bunch of trees in a park. I love trees and I find them inspiring, you’d notice that since I take many pictures of trees and nature, and wrote once about a tree. Also, the view I chose for the repeated picture is a view of a tree. Trees are always around us but they go through many different changes through the year, and each change is more beautiful than the other that it deserves observation.

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I found this tiny restaurant as I was walking along 2nd avenue. It is located between 87th ans 88th street. I couldn’t resist not taking a picture of this cute, tiny place. It has the looks of the old antiques places, where it has big crystal hanging chandeliers from the ceilings. The wall paper, mirror frames, and the wall lamps all add up to the place to give it a feeling of completion. Places like this are mostly found in soho, maybe a bit wider, but still it’s mostly found there. Places like this are also found in the Upper East Side, where this is located, but is slightely different areas, between 62nd and 78th street. The interior design of the place gives also a feeling of a Europian restaurant or place, when in facty this is not an Europian restaurant. In addition to tha small space, the colors add more cosiness to the place. It looks like a place one would want to get into when the weather is cold outside. The Upper East Side is full of nice places and spaces, this place, however, had caught my attention more than anyone of them. because of its luxurious antique style.

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This picture was take at 77th street between 2nd and 3rd avenue. I have a thing for flowers and trees, a thing for plants. They brighten up the place and make a place look prettier, and somehow it manages to make it stylish. I was walking down 77th street and I stopped right away when I saw these flowers in the sidewalk, which also meant that spring was hitting. I couldn’t resist not taking a picture. The colors are so pretty and it just gave a feeling of a clean, neat neighborhood when we passed by and saw them . It gave a feeling of warmth too. By that time it was, we were weraing coats, but seeing the flowers made it so much better because we knew this means that the cold weather will be over very soon. Also, the green color that has a huge impact in brightening up the place and make it feel fresh. It actually makes it fresh. The green plants absorbes the Co2 and fills the place with more oxygen. It’s not Just good looking. The picture was taken at night and looked  this nice, I wonder how would those exact flowers would look a the day time.

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As I was walking down 2nd avenue I found this place that grabbed my attention because it looked different. Unlike most of the places in the Upper East Side that are most of the time more formal and fancy, even if it wasn’t that fancy it still looks a bit more sophisticated  than the places downtown. This is a diner that is located in 2nd avenue and 83rd street. The colorful drawings in the windows, the charcoal board, even the balloons hanging from the charcoal board, were the details I paid attention to and me feel the difference between this diner and all the other ones in the area. It felt like the diners we see from the 70’s. It also looks a little bit like the diners I saw in the Lower East Side in Manhattan. The diners there are all colored -up, the walls are crowded with graffiti, and it just gave a close feeling to it. The draweings in the inner windows using the fluo colors are what got my attention the most. It was nice seeing such a different place in the neighbourhood.

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    Hi Bateel, it looks like you didn’t complete the blog for every week of the semester. That’s a pity. The work you did in the first half of the semester was wonderful.

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