Sonic Portrait of a Space


This is my sonic portrait of a transitional space. The space that inspired my work is the subway station, which a place we visit daily and can get many inspirations from it.

I started off by recording sounds of random effects like skratching my nails on a a sketchbook paper, cutting using scissors, and water bubbles. My main idea was recording sounds that can help me portrait the space, so the sounds were close to the sounds you would hear in a subway station or ca portrait it in a clear way.

When I uploaded the recordings to Adobe Premiere, I listened to each and every one of them carefully to understand how to create a clear portrait. I decided to make the recording of the scissor cutting a background sound that portraits time, because it sounds like clock ticking. At the beginning of the portrait I added a sound of the subway door closing and a homeless guy talking in the train, just to give it a clear feeling of the subway station. Then, I added recordings that portraits footsteps walking quickly and slowly. I created those sounds by using paper cups that hit the table continuously. I added some sounds to portrait the movement and stop of the train. I also added footsteps sounds by the end of the recording to express the movement towards the exit of the subway station.

I liked working with sound because it gave me the freedom to portrait a space in my own way using the sounds that I feel right about. I think it fulfilled my expectations better than I thought it would.

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