Upper East Side Rapid Prototyping




The issue that I chose to address in my neighborhood, the Upper East Side, is the lack of green spaces. I’m planning on reconstructing a simple green garment into a more complicated one with organic shapes, to give it a nice, green-colored look, that also looks fresh. I want the piece to stand-out in an urban space, like Madison street for example in the Upper East Side, which is how I would like to present this piece, to bring awareness to this issue. The goal is to make it catchier, and show how this green garment adds beauty and freshness to the space.

We first went thrift shopping in our seminar class and bought a garment that is less than 10 dollars to reconstruct, and I chose this piece; a dark green long-sleeved blouse.


I started off with black and white sketches to improve my ideas


I had the idea of cutting off the garment to make the sleeves off shoulders, and make it a bit shorter than it is. So i started working on it to get it to th shape I want.



After reshaping the garment I finally got to the shape I had in mind.



to give it a feeling of nature, I decided to add flowers that I got from Michales. However, I couldn’t find the exact same flowers I had in mind, bu I think the ones I bought were better than th other flowers I found. I first of painting the flowers over the blouse, but the 3d flowers would give it a fresh feeling of nature. I spread the flowers all over the blouse, focusing on the top part as you see in the picture below, which was the final result.



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