Sound and Vision

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The main space that inspired me in this project was my own sound when I walk in the streets going to the subway or out of it. We mostly listen to the other sounds that surround us like the trucks, cars, birds, people talking, and so on. I can’t say that the subway trains didn’t inspire me, because it is a place that I go to everyday and has affection on my day. So I decided to put those two sounds together by recording sounds of different sound effects from water, paper cubs, wood, and sketchbook papers. Putting these sounds together was quiet interesting, but putting videos and stills with it was more interesting for me, because when I was making the sound track I was seeing the whole thing in my head. I just had to take the right videos and images to translate what I had in mind. I used stills of my footsteps only; I just played with the duration when I attached it to the sound track. However, I took many videos of the train arriving, the train doors closing, and a clock. I played with the duration, speed to fit the sounds I recorded. My intention was to give the sounds more meaning via video and stills to make it look like a story, when the sounds didn’t have anything to do with real spaces, they’re not direct recordings of the sounds. I think I translated my idea successfully, at least what I had in mind. I also think that the sounds made sense after adding the videos and stills.

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