Time Final Project

My main idea is to interact with a place physically and using the mobile through a game. The game starts by the player standing in Union Square at 17th street side, listen to the audio on the website, there are photos of the stores the player is seeing, then he/she should choose the picture that matches the audio track.

The player will have the chance to explore the stores further more to get a sense of the sounds in the stores so that they’ll be able to pass the 4 levels. ¬†Each audio has a clear hint of sound of the store.

I didn’t want to make it so easy, I wanted it to be a little challenging, so I didn’t make the audio tracks extremely easy. This might have confused the players. But I still think that it would be boring if it was very easy.

The main goal was to entertain the user, and I think it did.

I chose to make the page layout and design simple and clear. I even did the background using Abdobe Illustrator and chose simple design and color. Finally, I tried to make going through the wesite pages easy.


The link to my website:


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