No Zero Poster


Design Brief:

Ever since life started, energy and matter have never stopped being prouced and consumed. The more we live the more we progress industrially; this results in us using more energy and matter, which also means more waste. The poster shows that the landfill waste is originated from what it produces. For example, it produces Meathane, cole, natural gas, and oil. All these matters are used as an energy, or energy is used on it to either produce things people need at home like heat and electricity,or used as a source of energy to fuel our cars, trucks, trains, and planes. However, most advantages have disadvantages, like these sources of energy; when they are used, they mostly burn and produce co2 which has many disadvantages like causing the climate change, killing plants, increasing the size of the ozone whole. But people don’t like to leave things the way they are, and for that, they had taken the co2, compressed it, and used it to create paper, metal, and even soft drinks and food. These things are used by the human being, then thrown in a garbage, which goes alla the way back to the landfill. It’s like we’re living in cycle, as Isaac Newton stated in the first law of thermodynamics: “Energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed,they change from one form to another.”

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