Defining Place: Final Assignment Option 2

For my final assignment, I created a place of crowd. People can take walks here, go shopping, and eat out with friends. This place is suitable for young teenagers and young adults to go out and have fun. Sitting space is available along the sidewalks, there will be granite benches for people to eat food outside during warmer weather or simply just rest. The place I created is especially great for nighttime because the advertisements and billboards that will stand out. Therefore, this place can also advertise different brands well because of the available space for screens and billboards.

The streets are very narrow so it’s more of a place for people to walk than for cars to pass by. There aren’t any megastructures but it would be appropriate for people to install some art sculptures because I would want art to flourish especially through the place I created. People would basically be hanging out on concourses since the place I created is full of shops, restaurants, and cafes. There are indoor spaces that can be utilized when the weather is colder, however, people can still enjoy outdoor spaces since there is a majority of it.

I would make sure a police station is close by so that there would be less homeless people. Moreover, trash cans and recycling bins would be installed so people could slowly but surely acquire a sustainable lifestyle. Since there is a lot of open space, this place could definitely be transformed into a place for parades and protests when necessary. There is a lot of space for people to walk through.

A current factor today that can be applicable to my space is definitely social media. There is a lot of advertising and marketing potential through my place. As people walk through my place, it is difficult not to notice or pay attention to the large advertisements that would be posted.


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