Stanley Kubrick Exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York

The Stanley Kubrick exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York was one of my favorite exhibitions. The black and white photos had so much variety in subjects and settings; the photographs captured interesting perspectives and can really grab the audience’s attention. The sequence of photos were all connected by how they showed the different sides of the subject he focused on. For example, he had a series of photographs on Walter Cartier. Some of his photos showed him in a cruel boxing match setting. The other set of photos Kubrick took of Cartier shows him in his daily life outside of work as a boxer, where he is either pictured nonchalantly with his wife or getting ready at home while his brother is sleeping. Although my profession is not as cruel and gruesome, I can relate to the contrast of two different parts of his life. At school I feel more stressed and are with my friends for the majority of the time. I get caught and busy with workload and trying to balance out my friends outside of school. While when I’m back home everything is so smooth sailing and I am surrounded by my parents. It’s nice to go back and forget about the fast pace of the city.

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