Chelsea Field Trip Post

When we made our class trip to Chelsea Market, it was different for me because I’ve never been so early in the day. In addition, this experience was new for me because I’ve always went with my friends or family just to get food and I never really paid attention to the people who were there and observed the space and the people. I noticed that there isn’t really any system of how the stores are organized there are dessert spots mixed with restaurants and clothing stores. I appreciate the variety of different cuisines Chelsea Market brings together in one space. Although the lights are dim in Chelsea Market giving almost a nighttime feel, there were so many families there. It seemed like a casual place for families especially with young kids to walk around and spend quality time trying out quick bites from all the restaurants and cafes Chelsea Market offers. When I left Chelsea Market, I realized that there is a lot of construction that Chelsea is undergoing and the best way to describe this neighborhood is diverse. There are so many modern glassy new buildings but the old brick buildings give a nice contrast. Moreover, it is perfect for young couples to go on a date while also suitable for families to get together and catch up.

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