Commentary on Debate

What a lively debate! I enjoyed how everyone was so into it. For me I find that it’s such a fine line between dominating the airspace and not speaking at all. Throughout high school I was told to talk less in class so I think I’m still finding a balance that feels right for me. As I’m entering the “real world” I’m realizing that it is important to speak my mind, and that there is nothing I can do beyond trying to bring the most quiet into the conversation. In the future I’d like to stay aware of this balance.
Initially, I wanted to be on the anti monument side, so I was slightly disappointed when I was selected for pro-monument. However, as soon as the debate began I realized that I was on the easier side of the argument. I think that monuments are funny and good thing because as we grow through the years as a culture there is always room for recontextualization or repositioning of a monument as we learn. I like my definition of a monument because it edits the traditional definition of what a monument can be. A monument isn’t a promise, it’s a statement that can be built upon or changed as years go by.

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