Sunday, November 4th, 2018

The writers of these articles frame it as sad – What that happened on September 11th, 2001 shouldn’t have happened. They frame it as something to not be spoken of- you must address it indirectly in some ways. In each article, the end always brings the article into a present issue such as the army nowadays, or the politicalization of the event nowadays.

In one video in particular, “9/11 memorial in Shanksville immortalizes voices of victims,” the head of the group “families of flight 93” specifies that “We don’t look at the 40 passengers and crew as victims; we look at them as heroes.”

The army is referenced, freedom is used as a way of justifying why we still have a military presence in countries in the middle east.

In the article by the New York Times, the ceremony held at ground zero on the morning of 9/11, 2018 was described with many somber words including, “Misty.” The article’s articulation is clean, and it ends by recounting one man’s call to politicians’ to stop using 9/11 as “props” in their “political theater.” I wonder how this article would have felt to readers if there were not an implicit call to action, or issue making this topic feel more current.  9/11 is framed in a sad way by everyone but the “alternative” news sources – not because they are souless, but because the sadness of the Event is overshadowed by the speculation of conspiracy.

In Rosemead honors 9/11’s fallen at site of city’s memorial, the journalist discusses the unveiling of a new stature in Rosemead, CA. This was an unveiling of a new sculpture by artist Heath Satow is now in Los Angeles. Many people commemorate in different ways… this being a more permanent Memorial.  

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