Site Investigation Report, pt 1. (Deep Listening Report)

Ok. Phew.

The time has come. I can finally write. Not gonna lie, kinda nice just sitting here, outside. Because my place wasn’t open. My fault, but also don’t think the assignment specified if you had to go inside or not. Anyway… It was only until after the first 5 minutes that i kind of “settled.” And noticed that there was a huge chunk of landscape that I wasn’t seeing. Like, I think I was looking at it, but I couldn’t see it until then. This ended up happening several more times over the course of the 45 minutes.
This is probably because I’m in front of a construction site, but sitting here, outside makes me miss being around this kind of work when I was younger. Being out here, outside, pretty early.
I was watching two construction guys for a while. They gave me the vibe described above. And it’s a nice feeling… being up early outside in spring-like weather, in a place to do some work.
I found myself thinking with a design lens about the whole thing after a while, like thinking about the space formally. How old are the buildings? How is that one even allowed to be so close to the street? Which direction is the Hudson?
Also, what’s it like to live here? There’s definitely a mix of people. The museum, gentrification, is happening. At first I felt a little weird or embarrassed just sitting here. But it’s NYC. People sit in random spots all the time. I had to ask initially to get inside because I got here before the museum opened, and I tried to explain/ ask fir a favor, for her to let me in early, but I didn’t explain well enough that I would just be sitting. And she said she couldn’t let anyone in yet, and that there’s a cafe down the street.
It reminds me offing young. Just sitting here. Not really having anything to do but observe is like rare! And I have to remind myself that I’m here for this, and that I don’t need to rush off and do something else.
But still, I’m thinking about like running to the subway anyway. There’s a pride flag and another flag next to it that I don’t recognize. It went from top to bottom magenta, yellow, blue. It’s hanging from a fire escape.
I HAVE SO MUCH FOMO IN LIFE! These buildings look old. Construction NYC wouldn’t be NYC without it. It reminds me of 9/11. The sun is warmer than before. I wonder what the building in front of me is made of… brick and steel?  jemma ( with an image of a star over the e) 1465 Bronx River Ave NY, NY 1047. Time to leave. Hell yeah.

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