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This project is a watercolor of a hypothetical real estate development. Real estate developments typically look manufactured, whether it is a row of houses on a block made to look the same, or a “lifestyle center.” I have always wondered what it would look like to take a piece of land and create a development that feels natural and organic to the space. I am inspired by M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village, a movie for which an entire late 1800’s era village was constructed from the ground up in field in rural Pennsylvania.


Holding the birds-eye-view plan of the lots at an angle to help me draw a perspective drawing of the town.

Inspiration from The Village (2004):

Final Project


My process here involved planning how I wanted this thing to look. Initially I was not sure how far I wanted to go. I am satisfied with the final result, I think that my watercolor expresses how I would like it to look if the town were to actually exist. However if I were to do it over again I would make another image of one of the buildings up close and it’s construction. If we were to replicate a building from long ago in 2019, how would we keep it up to date in terms of functionality (eg. insulation, electricity, etc.) while maintaining the spirit of a historic design?



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