Portrait planning

Main Character 1— Jeremy (present world)

1. A teenager who is addicted to the Internet

2. Dreaming about being a hero and saving the world, but only achieving it in computer games

3. Kind, honest and brave, but not good at communication and getting along with others

Main Character 2— 89757; K (future Jeremy)

1. Calm, rational and a little pessimistic

2. Doesn’t have much mood or expression, be taught to be a machine

3. Justice and wants to save the people like him from destruction


2) The government’s control over people’s minds is being overthrown by the people’s will for freedom.



Marty Mcfly in Back to the Future Trilogy


4)Three examples of the material method you are going to use in your piece:  Photos, dioramas with characters or photoshop collages.

We are going to take two pictures of the same person. One is a present version, a person in the modern time; another is a future version the same person in the future time. We will use Photoshop to add silver texture and robotic hands to the future version. And finally combine the two photos together to create the sense that they are connected with each other.


5)Novel Make a list/ timeline of the steps your group will take to complete the piece.

    First of all, we are going to buy a silver costume for the model to create a sense of future.

    Then, we would take two photos — one shows the present time background and uses normal cloth, and the other one shows the future time using special costume.

    At last, we would use Photoshop to combine those two pictures as our final project.


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