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The same time, the same action.

Suddenly, the screen starts distorting when our fingers touch each other. The feeling of warmth, softness and familiarity spurs me, and I tightly holds the hand reaching out from the screen…..


“Who are you?” I am quite confused with this “another me”.

“I’m the reason why you are here. You can call me NO.89757.” he replies, and his weird “name” reminds me of clone men and robots.

“Where am I?” I look around and ask him. It seems that the environment here is nothing like my home — the Earth, the sky is covered by grey and dark green clouds, the sun is only faintly visible, the air is filled with a kind of strange chemical smell, and I can’t even see any plants… “Looks like this place is falling apart.” I mumble.

“Yes, it is. And it’s earth.” He says, “But right now, we are in a parallel universe, which is 200 years ahead of yours.”

“We are not normal human beings like you. In today’s world, all citizens have an  implanted chip in their brains so that we can surf on the Internet without digital devices. In this camp, all of the Perfectors and Defectors have no access to the outside world because our chips inside are under monitoring. In our world, only one person didn’t install the chip—Venus. However, now, we have you. You can easily go out and get evidences of the truth and then send them to me, and I will play it on that giant screen.”

To be honest, I never thought that one day I would become the vital key for this many lives.

“Jeremy, I trust you.” He looks into my eyes, and my heart begins to be filled with confidence.


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