Movie: Interstellar


The movie, Interstellar, is about a time in a near future where human race on Earth is about to extinct because of drought and famine. Scientists have discovered a wormhole near the solar system that connected to a different galaxy with new possible habitats for humanity. NASA, working as an underground organization at the time, has sent out few individuals to explore the planets in the galaxy and many turned out to be suitable for lives. A final expedition is formed to go through the wormhole to check on the habits for the last time and come back to Earth and migrate the remaining humans to the new habitat. Cooper, who has been recruited by NASA to fly the spaceship, left his family and go on the final expedition later found out that the scientists were never thinking of migrating the remaining population on Earth to the new habitats, they were going to settle new colonies and recreate the human race with laboratory genes.

The idea of traveling to another galaxy or planet is similar to the science fiction element that I will be using on my project. I will be creating a branding identity for a fictional space traveling agency.

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