Space Final Project: Performative Habitat

I started out by researching different animals with fascinating nests and Baya Weaver’s nest caught my attention the most so I went into deeper research on the way they build their nests and how do their weirdly shaped nests protect them from the surrounding.



I chose the art displaying area in 2 West 13 on the 11th floor as my social space because it is one of the less crowded site that I can work with my project, but I intended to produce a piece that could be used in any art displaying area in 2 West 13.



public space



I emphasized on the part of the nest where Baya Weavers store their eggs and developed three minimal surface studies.


board 3




I chose the middle chip-like minimal surface and started to produce an art piece based on the minimal surface.




how to drawing



I named my product “The Baya Rocker” to describer both where the form of the concept came from and its function as a rocking chair.


final photo horiz


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