Midterm – Vital Wrestler

Many of my friends are heavy smoker. I had been trying to help my friends quit smoke for awhile, telling them how bad smoking influences their physical abilities. They seemed to be not taking my advice seriously, so I decided to make a device that would help my friend realize how bad smoking is.


When I was running cross country in high school, the coach would brought us balloons and had a competition once a month. Whoever pops the ballon first or has the biggest balloon when the time is up can take the day off. We called the competition “vital wrestling.” I took the idea as an inspiration for my midterm and I decided to make an interactive wrestling statue that lets two players compete by blowing into the fans, and whoever pushes the other player’s hand down wins the game.



vital wrestling

Project idea


I pictured my project looking like The Electric Knife Orchestra by Neil Mendoza.

Unfortunately, my 3D printer was broken and the school’s labs were closed during the break. I tried making the hands out of scupley clay, but that did not turn out well, so I decided to cut the complexity and make it into a simply looking game, like the Di-Dah-Dit by Morizot Camile.



Arduino Uno x 1

LED x 7 (1 standalone two 3-combined)

Photocell x 2

Potentiometer x 1

LCD x 1

Buzzer x 1

1/4″ thick wood baord 18 x 24

Water color paint container x 2



I use motors to represent PC fans as Fritzing doesn’t have any pc icons.

 vital wrestling



When I got the pc fans, I spent a lot of time searching online for a guide that tells me how to use the fans as analog read devices for the Arduino. I didn’t find any, so I just plugged the power into A10 and A1 and ground to ground and they turned out to be working like regular analog devices and they print out larger number as you blow on them.



I figured that one LED for each player wouldn’t be bright enough to represent the game play, so I soldered three LEDs together to form a brighter indicator.



I added a buzzer to play the game start sounds, winning sounds, and the restart sounds.



Laser cutting the case.


Putting everything together.


The Final Product




Future Iteration:

For Ayo’s class, I had done some research on vital capacity and percentage of college smoker and I found out that around 1/3 of college students smoke. So I asked a few friends to randomly survey 10 students on their campuses to check if the percentage of college smokers given by the research that I found were right.

Here’s what they got:

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.08.15 AM

Which adds up to 40% of college students smoke, slightly over 1/3.

I also looked up the formula to calculate vital capacity and the chart states the difference in vital capacity between athletes and non athletes.

vital-capacity-12-728 (1)

For the future iteration, I’m thinking of using the function that calculates the vital capacity to control the LED fade levels, and return some real vital capacity values after the game ends.


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