Project Two WIP


My concept for this project is inspired by the moment I found out that my raffle tickets weren’t drawn for the Air Mag. I later found out that a pair of the air mags were sold for more than $100,000 in Hong Kong, which kept me thinking how “hype” is really a big part of our economy and pushing our minds into doing ridiculous actions. For this project I am going to create a website that will turn each sneaker the user searches for into a disease spreading map, based on how many tweets, the more hype the sneaker is the more chaotic the map will be.


2016 self-lacing Nike Air Mag




Setting up AWS Ubuntu server



Twitter.getSearch() request test. Print out in object format on screen via the express module


The Twitter JSON data often excess 100MB, which is a big file difficult to handle without a database, I have been writing a server side python script that will divide the JSON file into few smaller files and feed them to the client side upon request.

Visualization Process

Visualizing the sneaker drop origin (eg Nike office account) as a bacteria.


Visualizing hypebeasts being affected by the sneaker hype bacteria.


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