Portrait part 1 : “The Atheist, the Jew, and the Church.”

I thought the performance went really well, it was a bit awkward doing it out in the open, but hey we are both awkward people so it worked. The fact that we weren’t doing anything out of the ordinary and were just displaying our actions was really great. The pomegranate was one of my favorite parts that Lara had me do. The cigarettes were a great last minute touch because, while I had planned for Lara to smoke with her different lipsticks being left on the cigs, it was a relatively last minute discussion for the two of us to write “it’s not a phase mom!” on them, a joke on our “emo” days which related back to a lot of the music. We decided to do the playlist together of songs that had meaning for the two of us/ what we listened to passionately at one point or another. I think we definitely showed our similarities on the surface, and allowed for you to observe each of us closer throughout the performance. It was also quite humorous, possibly more so than I’d hoped for, so I was happy about that. Since I was in it I was not fully aware of Lara and the audience because I was focusing on the actions I was set to do, so my view of it was from the leftovers. These “leftovers,” the stained sheet and personal objects created a good map of the performance and could definitely be placed in a gallery or something with the music running and cigarettes lit.

For next time I really have no idea. I think a day long performance would be good since the end was just there, reflecting our awkwardness, but could have been done better. The fact that this was a performance, but also could have been a Tuesday morning in a mess of our own stuff was the beauty, yet was the reason we had a hard time with the ending because we could have done it all day. Anyways, maybe doing an installation of sorts as I mentioned earlier could be good, or making something like a garment out of the sheet. Maybe there is an installation of objects rather than plopping the sheet as is into a gallery or something to do with languages that could be added. I need to explore a bit more with Lara.

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