Environmental Portrait: The Atheist, the Jew, and the Church all went to Starbucks

Before the performance.

What was given out during the performance.

The remains of the performance.

This time we highlighted the jokes by making them the plates. By doing this we also were able to give people a piece of the art, like Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s “Untitled” (Death by Gun). I wish we could have done it in front of Starbucks as planned, but it worked out quite well in the classroom. This performance, like the previous, could also be documented easily in a gallery as either an installation or before and after photographs. The thing with performance art is that if you weren’t there you might not get it, so it is always nice for the viewer if the artist considers them and how they can best grasp/see as much as they can of the performance.

If there was another part I think it would be great to do it in front of Starbucks with a militant line, quite and single file. Then, should people not want to keep their plates, keep them from both times covering a wall that would stand as the installations backdrop. Maybe even having people still be able to get some pomegranate, avocado, or coffee would be good as well, but hard to supervise I suppose. This could also be a series of performances in places that mean something to us, like the village in Germany that Lara spent a good chunk of her life thus far in. Then collecting some or all the papers, where we have added the city name somewhere, and making a room full of them with pomegranate, avocado, and coffee at the entrance.


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