“Light a Candle For Me:” Part 2 (Final)

In part 2 we wanted to make it more unique to Pere Lachaise. So, we made it into more of a museum because that is something we all felt when going to it. We also lengthened the video and added different scenes to, again, connect it more with Pere Lachaise. In addition, we played the video backward to talk about looking back at life and the remembering/ reflecting on it. It is almost like the two videos were representative of life and death, growing up, and looking back. The choice to display the melted house, which, like many houses at the cemetery, was crumpled and not taken care of, became a centering between the “life and death.” Originally people were supposed to walk around and focus themselves on one video at a time like in a museum, but, I’m glad that instead people viewed it as a whole. The sounds took you to one video and then back to another, and on your way back was the display box. It became an installation rather than a museum set up in the end. I was really happy with this project because of how dynamic it was and, with that, how open left plenty of room for the interpretations of the viewers.


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