Behind Closed Doors

I think the shoot went really great, but I do feel bad that Ryan had to stripe and get dressed so many times in a row. It was really interesting to see girls run away, especially knowing that no guy would run away. It brings up how woman are conditioned to be more afraid of their sexuality and curiosity, though there is an age/maturity factor that probably played into our work, which didn’t for Stehli’s. It was successful as a project, although, if I could do it again I would print them nicely and hang them on the wall with a level. They were printed, but because of some issues meeting the weekend before I had to print them and cut them all out the morning prior, so they were not as nice as they could have been. That being said it was good that I had made a digital version. This was the main critique of this series. I also wanted to mention quickly the colors were chosen based on the people, since we did know each girl personally. Stehli’s color choices did not have any specific meaning as far as our research tells us. We also were unable to find the correct clicker, so we took a lot of pictures and sent them to each girl to choose 3-12. If we were to do a part 3 I would definitely go looking all over for the right shutter/clicker and display/print them very nicely.


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