Remake Process

My team began by picking an artist. Sterling Ruby was our first thought, but his pieces wouldn’t allow for a dialogue between the original and remake. So, I suggested doing a role reversal of Jemima Stehli’s “Strip Series” when we were looking through the artists we learned about in class. I thought this was a huge leap and so did my partner, because that person, that we didn’t have to pay, would willingly strip in front of a teacher. The concept also didn’t make all that much sense having women in power sit and a man strip, it doesn’t promote equality. Then, we spent hours just deconstructing, researching, and discussing the series, at this point, we had found someone (Ryan) willing to strip. After this lengthy process, we gained interest her commentary on the male gaze and began to think of the female gaze with all its taboos. This process was really great because I understood, even more, the power of a dialogue as a process where our discussions, though could not be seen, were more powerful than any sketch. Visual references and sketches are good generally, but having this almost purely verbal process was really amazing creating a new process of working for me. I do think this method is mainly/only useful in groups.

(see part 1 where I talk about concept)

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