Cross course reflection

I am an artist focusing on textiles and dehumanizing the body, currently studying Fashion Design. I tend to have a performative aspect to my work and pull a lot from 80s/90s Japanese design, Menswear, and history.

The first semester I learned a lot about photoshop through Drawing and Imaging, which I used SO much in the second semester because it allowed me to use photoshop as a sketchbook, especially in Studio (sem 2). I also learned a lot about curation in Space through my last project, even though I don’t think it was as good a project as it could have been. In general first and second semester were very different because I did a lot more art, in the immediate sense, but basically fewer garments. This was good, especially because I had a little experience in fine arts and not in the less tradition side of art, conceptual art, though not centered around a garment I suppose. I didn’t want to allow myself to make any garments for that time since it felt like a more art-focused class and I wanted to try something I wouldn’t do as much in the next 3 years.

In my work about Pere Lachaise, I definitely began to think about how it would be curated in a gallery space, which came up in the mini installation I did for my final in Studio (Sem 2). This project also made me really want to explore video art. I took on more of a conceptual role, like in my Time group project. However, in doing this I did not physically edit the video, mainly because I did not know how to until Time class. I was really happy to have a film-centric Time class that let me learn how to make videos as cool as the one Ieva edited for us in the aforementioned project. I’m not sure video is my medium though, which is a bit disappointing. My final for Time didn’t turn out that bad despite this, so maybe I need to just keep making videos until I can make them as good as Ieva. I made a lot of installations too like in my studio (sem 2) final, Pere Lachaise, Portrait performance, the first project in Studio (sem 2), and would have in Time if I was able to.

I have made quite a few functional objects like the desk cubical, everything from Soft Structures, and my PTSD reducing hat. This is something I think I do well at, but not exactly the one I want to continue with since I would like to focus more on the art part of design. That is something I’ve known, though solidified this semester along with the beginning of a more in-depth passion for textiles, which I gain through Elizabeths class and experimentation.

In Studio (sem 1) did the first performance that I participated in. This was an interesting moment since usually I plan the performance and make everything used in it for a model. I’m not sure that this really made me want to be in the performances myself, but it did make me explore a more mundane performance style. Usually with my garments, like in my final time video, the garment tends to warrant a more exaggerated performance instead of something that happens on a regular day.

In terms of Seminars, I really value research in my work, but a paper muddles it for me. I can’t split my focus on two projects around the same topic when one of those is still being research (the paper). I need to research for the project I am making not research while I’m making a project. In the final presentation (sem 2) as well I couldn’t talk as much as I would have liked too about studio because I had to talk about the paper which took a while. I think the paper could have been improved more which I learned through trying to sum up each section for the presentation, so that is a good way for me now to test if an essay is explainable past my head. Honestly, I just can’t research to make a piece of art in an academic paper, it isn’t how my mind works. I need to collect research in a sketchbook through photos or article quotes that don’t need to come to a conclusion about, but that just needs to be researched. That was another issue with my paper. It was hard to come to a conclusion because, first I already saw one that didn’t have a strong “so what,” but second in relation to my art research is a discussion because art is a discussion. The presentation I made in semester one for my final was good because it was just interpreting the work we remade, talking about the artist, and the work itself. I feel a bit bad saying this, yet the connection between the traditional academic work and my making process has not been the most additive for me. I will research on my own because I love learning about history and it is just an instrumental part of my process at this point, so I have kind of got my own methods of this and seminars so far haven’t been.

Desk cubical

Studio performance (sem 1): Portrait–part 1

part 2

Pere Lachaise

Installation project one, Studio (sem 1)

PTSD reducing hat


Photoshop ex:

Sketchbook/mood board project 2 Studio (sem 2)

Final project planning/mood board, with print I did on PS as background


Time final video with Studio (sem 2) garment

Installation of garment

Waterproof hat bag

Baby holder

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