FINAL: Drawing and Imaging

Students create a series of three prints/drawings based on a selected song or poem, translating the words and feelings into three different pictures; one using narrative visual elements; one using symbols and signs; and one using emotional graphic and color sensations; to be done with a combination of digital and hand drawn imagery. Can include […]

Jonathan LeVine Gallery, Banksy & Chuck Close

After, visiting several different art galleries around the Chelsea area the class of Digital Imaging was asked to describe what paintings we liked and disliked. The first image is from the Jonathan LeVine Gallery, I liked the most was because I found myself taking a look at the image more than once, and stepping closer. […]

The Flower Piece

  For this piece we had to photograph a live model of flowers in the center of the room, from different angles and perspectives. After photographing we took the photos and brought them into our laptops to use Adobe Photoshop. We could use any effect that we were comfortable with using, to make our flower […]