Time: Transformations of Time

  Capture a collection of time maps, and record non visual elements such as sound; smell;touch/ texture. Come up with guidelines and limitations collecting visual and non- visual Product 11×17 collage drawing of different mediums no limit to elements choose your start and end point I began my walk from 14th street and around the […]

Time: Soundscape

We think about sounds as all of the different sounds in our experiences. Above is the definition of a sound cape from the author R.F. Schafer fro this assignment we had to create our own soundscape for our multiple farm narratives. I decided to use the, Classifications of Sounds physical characteristics (acoustics) how they are […]

Time: Project

FRIDAY FINAL from Laurie Simpreus on Vimeo. For this project we had to create a video that showed a linear frame of movements based on one event. For my post production I created a story board that illustrated all of the scenes that I wanted to capture. For my narrative I wanted to show the […]

Time: Project 3b

For this project we worked on putting together a series of events that had to also show the progression of time. Bringing together all of the images that we produced in Project 3a, we worked with Adobe Premiere Pro to edit a slideshow and also used software to produce our own soundtrack. The inspiration behind […]

TIME: Composition

  We had to choose two different contrasting locations in NYC, the two places that I chose to observe were Stuyvestant Park and Union Square Park at an intersection. We had to visit each site and give at least an hour to each site or more. While, we were there we had to observe and […]