Object Redesign PART 2

  For my object redesign using kombucha I decided to redesign the bottom of my tabletop vanity mirror. The current material that is being used on the bottom of the mirror is a rubber styrofoam. I decided to replace this material because the kombucha is durable when you layer a long strip of it into […]

Biomaterial Project | Microbial Leather

The experiment I decided to document was Microbial Leather my document consisted of journal entries in the Notes app of my phone. I would check on the microbe every 3 days, record what my friends initial thoughts were, as well as my own.   February 20th, 2017 Received materials to begin project Before, placing the […]

TIME: Final Project

  BEFORE THE 19TH from Laurie Simpreus on Vimeo. For my final project I worked on the last project we worked on in class which was creating a film using a linear event. For my final the subject was my birthday, and the object was myself. The topic of my video was on my birthday […]

The Uncanny Sigmund Freud

Sense: Jentsch says: “In telling a story, one of the most successful devices for easily creating uncanny effects is to leave the reader in uncertainty whether a particular figure in the story is a human being or an automaton; and to do it in such a way that his attention is not directly focused upon […]

MP Post

Subject vs. Object Topic: Mystery behind looking beyond and jewelry Childhood tradition of gold bracelet is the object, and my subject is going to be the mystery behind looking away from the camera. What/ who could possibly be behind the camera? Agenda- focus and create a fictional story that ties 2 elements of the photo […]