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This piece was prompted by thinking about a time in my life that was defined by change. Specifically a time that may have resulted in a loss of innocence. I chose to make a piece about when I was twelve years old and I moved from the city where I had lived all my life to the suburbs. The first thing I noticed about the new town I had moved to was on the first night in the new house. I remember lying in bed about to go to sleep and realizing how quiet it was. There were no police sirens, or people talking outside, or car alarms going off. These sounds that I expected to here were missing. ┬áThis move ultimately resulted in my confrontation with things that I hadn’t been confronted with before- such as racial and economic divides. The city I lived in was quite diverse, and it was normal for me to be one of three or four white kids in my classes, yet when I moved to the suburbs I was one of twelve or fifteen.

I wanted to represent in some way the idea of receiving information, through the experience of my first night in the house that I moved into. The color of the hearing aid is the color that the walls of my bedroom were when we moved in. The hearing aid I created was the result of several designs, which themselves represented differing times in history and in the technological advancements of hearing aid design.

These are some earlier designs and references

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